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Olive Factory


a) Processing of the oil

In order to achieve the unprecedented 6 hour time from orchard to oil, Olivaylle has committed extensive resources to establish a state of the art processing facility located on the Olivaylle Estate in the middle of the orchard. Even with the resulting reduced harvesting time the actual processing of the olives is the most critical challenge to overcome.

Olive Grove

First the olives are washed, weighed then de-pitted "not" crushed. Then the olive paste proceeds to the plant and the pits go into waste. We do this because it is a given fact that oil that is processed by this method, from de-pitted olives, is of a superior quality in taste and health benefits than those that are processed with the olive pit.

Once our olive paste leaves the de-pitter, the de- pitted paste enters into an oxygen controlled environment leading to the malaxeurs, where oxygen is substituted by Nitrogen. Nitrogen, being an inert gas, inhibits the oxidation of the olive paste. Oxidation, as you know, is the main cause of deterioration of the olive oil as well as other food products. We believe this part of our unique process to be so fundamentally important that we have installed our own Nitrogen Generator.

Olive Triage

De-pitting and processing in an oxygen controlled environment are not the only process condition in which Olivaylle differs from other olive oil processing plants. We have also eliminated the addition of any water as a coadjutant to the process so as not to dilute flavor and health benefits. The small amount of process water needed down the line at the clarifier has previously gone through our own desalination, Reverse Osmosis facility, to ensure its purity. We have also eliminated the addition of heat in any form to the process.

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The oil then proceeds to the decanter. Here again, Olivaylle will not add water, in any amount, or raise the temperature of the olive paste, however insignificantly, because the addition of water, in particular hot water, or raising the temperature of the paste washes away flavor, health benefits and promotes oxidation.

Olive Process

While the standard industry process is designed to increase the oil yield and extract the last drop of oil from the olive, at Olivaylle we forgo the extra yield of olive oil to ensure superior quality. We are not looking to extract the last drop of oil from the olive, at Olivaylle, we are only interested in the "best drops".

b) Bottling:

Once processed the olive oil proceeds through a heat exchanger to adjust it's final temperature to 15C +/- (60F +/-) and then proceeds to a day tank where the oil awaits lab testing results before it proceeds to our final oxygen free, 56 thousand liter stainless steel tanks. Both the day tanks and the final storage tanks are thermally insulated for climate control and are topped by a blanket of Nitrogen for protection against oxidation. The oil is kept in these tanks until bottling.

Olive Oil Silos

While this ends the process for most producers, we at Olivaylle begin now the process of protecting your oil until it gets to your door…

Olivaylle has selected a dark green bottle to protect the oil from the damaging effect of light, because exposure to light contributes greatly to the deterioration of the olive oil.

The olive oil moves from the storage tanks directly to our in- plant, state of the art bottling facility where it is bottled and capped under Nitrogen to ensure freshness and quality.

Olivaylle bottles

We also sustain the temperature at approximately 15C (60F) through refrigerated containers; temperature controlled distribution centers and insulated packaging.

Now that you know a little bit of what it takes to make "The Best Olive Oil in the World", you can now understand why we named this product Non plus Ultra "Olive Nectar":

Olivaylle - Olive Nectar
The uttermost limit of perfection - "the drink of the Gods"

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