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The location in Victoria provides Olivaylle with many benefits; such as a perfect Mediterranean climate and excellent soil for growing olives. Because of Australia's high quarantine status, we enjoy a low incidence of plant diseases and pests. Our olive trees are irrigated and fertilized on a daily basis, which in turn gives us healthy olive trees and therefore healthier olives. We produce our oil only from the olives grown within the estate to ensure richness of flavor and health benefits.

Olives start to deteriorate the minute they are taken from the tree. Olivaylle's significant investment in harvesting technology provides assurance that the olives are never touched by human hands and has compressed the time from orchard to oil to less than 6 hours.

Human handling is detrimental to any fruit or vegetable. Our olives are mechanically harvested, free of contamination by human hands or top soil.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.